1pc HP 5086-7131 2.0-6.2GHz Oscillator YIG

1PC HP Agilent E4418B EPM Series RF Power Meter
1pc HSS 5 8-11 Plug Left Tap and 1pc 5 8-11 Left Die Threading Tool Click here for Films & Videos
1pc HXCP-0800-2500-07-200N03 800-2500MHz 7dB N Type Cavity Coupler Click here for Student Work
1pc JAPAN ARD12012 DC-18GHz 12V SMA RF coaxial switch
1pc JINKOU SMS-TF402-20.0-SMS DC-8GHz 50cm SMA RF cable SBAC and AP Testing in the month of May   Read the BELL CHIMES! Go to Students tab, down to Bell Chimes, to read stories written by Bell's Journalism students.     323-989-3750  Bell Tip Line - See Something, Say Something - Bell Tip Line 323-989-3750
1pc keysight Agilent HP 5086-7322 45MHz-26.5GHz 3.5mm Tested

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Bell High School Parents / Freshman Orientation Day, Saturday, June 1, 2019

Parents -- Students -- Future Bell Alumni,
We welcome all incoming 9th grade Bell Eagles, class of 2023, to our Parent Orientation at Bell High School to learn about our academies, sports, clubs and to self-tour the school. The event is 9 am to 11:45 am and during this time you will meet with your academy leads and meet teachers, find out about the many opportunities Bell HS has to offer (clubs, sports, leadership to name a few), tour the campus and buy your PE clothes (dont forget your cash). You will also have the chance to meet the Principal and much of the leadership team and support personnel who make Bell High School successful. This is a family event and we encourage you to come with your future Bell Eagle.

1pc MEGAPHASE TM18 18GHz 60cm SMA Male Test Cable1pc MICROPHASE M-2128 5.4-5.9GHz RF Microwave Coaxial Detector

Orientación para padres de alumnos de la Preparatoria Bell

1 de junio del 2019

1pc Mini-Circuits ZHL-1042J 10-4200MHz 30dB RF Microwave Amplifier1pc Mitsubishi RA35H1516M Power amplifier module1pc MW-12TR05 2-8GHz DPDT RF microwave coaxial electronic switch1pc narda 4780-6 2W 6dB DC-18GHz SMA Coaxial fixed attenuator1pc New For DMC TP-3308S1 TP3308S1 Touch Screen Glass
Les damos la más cordial bienvenida a todas nuestras futuras Aguilas, la generación del 2023, a la orientación para padres de la Preparatoria Bell. En dicha orientación podrán conocer y aprender sobre las academias, los deportes y a la vez podrán realizar una excursión (tour) de la escuela. Dicho evento se llevará acabo de las 9:00 AM a las 11:45 AM. Durante este evento podrán conocer a los lideres de sus academias y a sus profesores. Podrán informarse sobre todas las oportunidades las cuales la Preparatoria Bell tiene para ofrecerles. Oportunidades tales como lo son los clubs, los deportes, y liderazgo, por mencionar algunas. Visite nuestro campus y compre su ropa de educación física. ( No olvide su dinero). También tendrá la oportunidad de conocer 1PC New Fuji EW250EAG 3P 125A EW250EAG-3P125 Breaker1PC New Touch Screen Panel for MITSUBISHI F940GOT-TWD-E Digitizer Glass1pc OMRON NT21-ST121-TW touch screen glass1pc PICANOL GTX PAT B53330 Keypad membrane keypadal director de la escuela, al equipo de liderazgo, y otro personal de apoyo, los cuales hace de la Preparatoria Bell todo un gran éxito. Este es un evento familiar y le sugerimos que venga acompañado de su futura águila de Bell.

1pc HP 83592-60123 70dB DC-26.5GHz 3.5mm 24V Electrical attenuator

To provide additional locally controlled school funding, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted to place Measure EE, a 16 cent per square foot local school funding parcel tax, on the ballot in a special election on June 4, 2019. If approved by two-thirds of voters, Measure EE would provide local school funding to help improve instructional environments by reducing class sizes, attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and school employees, and providing quality instructional programs, resources, and materials. 1pc Proface GP43J-EG11 Touch screen Glass1PC RCT RDS-SR025-1 12V DC-18GHz SMA RF Coaxial Switch1pc RYT 200021 5.3-7.1GHz SMA RF coaxial isolator

1pc HP 8493B 10dB 18GHz SMA RF Attenuator

You are cordially invited to view Bell High School's Student Artists' work here. Thank you to Ms. Lukesh for her amazing work with her outstanding students! 1pc Siemens 15“ 6AV7764-0AA04-0AT0 A5E00156488 Touch Screen glass fast ship

1pc HP A0960-0699-1 2-7GHz SMA RF Microwave Coaxial Isolator

Bell High School will be ending the academic year on June 7, 2019 and will be offering a summer school program from Wednesday, June 19, 2019 to Wednesday,1pc SMS-180SP-24.0-SMR DC-18GHz 60cm SMA public RF test line1pc T010-1402-T490 TTI Touch screen glass1pc TH765-NU touch screen panel 60 days warranty Free shipping1PC TP1900 Comfort 6AV2124-0UC02-0AX0 touch screen+Predective film1pc Used 8765B Agilent HP 20GHz SMA 5V 180W SPDT RF coaxial switch July 24, 2019. Students will have the opportunity to make up A-D courses in which they have received a D or F mark. Applications are now available with your academic counselor. We ask that you please plan vacations accordingly as you may need to attend our summer program in order to graduate in the upcoming years.

Check What You Owe!

1pc Used TRILITHIC LFP-50 6dB DC-2.5GHz BNC RF Coaxial fixed attenuator1pc Weinschel 59-10-33 100W 2.5GHz 10dB RF Attenuator1pc ZQ-P1080 POS touch screen glass1Pcs AETeP AT810 AT800 Touch Screen Glass1Pcs HST-TPA9.0C Touch Screen Glass

Please go the the web site --> Students --> Library --> Online Catalog/Destiny Login to check and see what you owe in regards to LIBRARY BOOKS and TEXTBOOKS. Click the Log in button in the upper right corner of the page, and enter your email address only up to, but not including the @ sign, then use your normal password. Click on "My Info" to see what you owe. Return all items ASAP. If you lost an item, you will be required to pay for it. Seniors who had checked out a ChromeBook with Mr. Anker in S4 need to return it as well, in order to be cleared for Graduation.

1pc HP Agilent 8481B Power Sensor 10MHz - 18GHz