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A 24-year-old living in Minnesota with my handsome husband, Gavin, and dog-child, Copper.  A sucker for bows, polka dots, and all things pink, metallic gold, and anything covered in glitter.  I have a love-affair with Marvel comic book superheroes, and any and all things Disney.   I am fluent in sarcasm and have a ninth degree black belt in online shopping.  I believe whole-heartedly in snail mailing greeting cards for every occasion that I can and giving gifts is my favorite thing in the world.  I have two gorgeous younger sisters and two brothers-in-law.  My parents own a lake cabin that I have been going to since I was six years old and will never, ever, ever, ever stop.  I am a lake lover, a spontaneous dancer, a car singing superstar, and a day-dreamer.  I would do just about anything for ice-cream or a slice of cheesecake and I firmly believe that bubbles baths make everything better.

I'm going to be honest with you, I am no one special.  My life is mediocre/average at best.  I have not graduated college, though I still work towards that goal slowly.  My basic 9am - 5pm job is not exciting or ground-breaking, I have no outrageous dating tips or stories, as I married the man I started dating when I was 14 years old (and still adore by the way).  I have no children so I cannot wow you with my parenting wisdom or tips and tricks.  My husband and I do not make a lot of money so my closet isn't full of designer names and a lot of my clothing is several years old.  I don't pretend to be a master at applying makeup or a pro at home decorating.  I can follow a recipe with the best of them, but I am certainly not an accomplished chef.  But, in spite of all of these things, I believe without hesitation that my life is crazy and utterly beautiful.

I want to share with you all of the things that inspire and excite me!  So together, let's get excited about the little things, about the things that we see everyday and have started to take for granted, let's rethink the little things and use them to make life exciting again!  Come with me on this journey to find all the things that make life just a little bit sweeter, I am thrilled to have you on board!

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