Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you blog?
Simply put, I have a lot of thoughts in my head and I wanted to share them! I get a lot of joy from writing, sharing my stories and experiences, and having an outlet for my thoughts and creativity

What do you blog about?
Um, literally anything and everything! I hate the idea of putting a limit on what I can share here because I am inspired and intrigued by so many different things! For organizational and ease of use purposes, anything that I write about fits into at least one of my "hot topics." All of which can be found in the sidebar!

How do you pronounce your name?
Exactly like "Andrea," but without saying the "a" at the end. 

Are you on social media?
Heck yeah! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'. I am definitely most active on Instagram and Facebook if you want to say hi! I respond to all comments, emails, messages, etc. Just please allow me a few days time to do so! You can find links to all of my social media sites posted all over the blog!

How do you edit your photos/creative your graphics?
I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for just about everything. Photos are edited a small amount using iPhoto and then are moved into Lightroom for finishing touches. For Instagram, I utilize VSCO and Pixlr. My graphics, collages, etc. are entirely created in Adobe Photoshop.

What do you do for a living?
Currently, I work as a receptionist for a law firm in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I also am a student at Colorado Christian University pursuing a double major in Communications and Psychology. I also have an Etsy shop, where I sell decorative printables, invitations, greeting cards, canvas art, and a whole lot more! Check out the Andree in Wonderland Etsy shop here!

Are your eyelashes real?
Yup! All natural baby!

What kind of mascara do you use?
Currently, my favorites are, Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl and Benefit's They're Real! But I am always trying out new ones.

Can I link to your photos and blog/can I pin your photos on Pinterest?
Absolutely! Just please be sure to give me credit as I own the copyrights to all my photos and content unless otherwise stated.

What kind of dog do you have?
Copper is part Brittany, part perfect, magical, unicorn dog prince.

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