One of the biggest differences between Montana and Minnesota? Traffic.  Oh my goodness gracious, how I despise traffic and to be totally honest with you, I get to work at 9 am every morning and leave at 3:30 pm every afternoon, so the traffic I experience is small potatoes compared to most people, I'm just a wimp.  But,traffic didn't exist in Bozeman! ...It'll just take some getting used to again.

But, in order to make that drive remotely tolerable, I need to have a fabulous playlist because you can bet that I am starring in my own personal concert in order to pass the time.  I have a super diverse taste in music, so my playlists usually have of a little bit of everything.  I am also the person who has a playlist (usually multiple) for literally everything, and because this is a lifestyle blog I wanted to share my current morning commute playlist with you!  

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