This last week I celebrated both my Mom's and Mother-in-law's birthdays and moving forward I wanted to continue the celebration with you!  I don't know how much I've spoken on this before, but something you may not know about me is that I love, love, love a good greeting card. That sounds strange to say, but what I mean is that I think the right card for any/all occasions can make an enormous impact!  I keep all of the cards that I receive, and spend a great deal of time choosing exactly the right card for every occasion, and I do mean every occasion.  Seriously, I send greeting cards for literally everything.  I also am the girl that sees a card she likes in the store and buys it without having an occasion for it, that way I'm always prepared with an adorable card when the right event presents itself!  Like I said, a great card can have a huge impact, which is why I wanted to share these three adorable free printable birthday cards with you!  

Each design has two downloadable files.  One 8x11 jpeg and an 8x11 pdf.  Simply choose the one you prefer, print on photo paper or cardstock (I much prefer cardstock, but you should do what you like best!), cut on the line, fold at the halfway point, and VOILA! You have yourself an adorable birthday card! Doesn't get much simpler than that!

Download all three TOTALLY FREE when you subscribe to my monthly newsletter!  Even better, in addition to having access to these awesome birthday cards, you will also gain access to the Andree in Wonderland FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY!  Where you will have access to a vast array of free printables included planners and organizers, greeting cards, decorative printables, recipe cards, party and event decor, and so much more!  Plus, new items are added to the library every week!

I hate spam, spam is icky., so except for under special circumstances (i.e., giveaways, sweepstakes, opt-in courses, etc.), I promise that you will not see emails from Andree in Wonderland more than once per month.  So, what do you say, you want in?  Use the sign-up form at the bottom of this post and gain your access today!

P.S. The only thing better than receiving/giving cards from loved ones is receiving them via snail mail!  Snail mail forever!

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