If there is one piece of makeup that I consider myself kind of an expert on, it's mascara.  I mean, I like makeup.  I like playing with it, trying out new styles, and I'm pretty darn good with it for the most part, but I'm certainly not an expert on it, more of an adventurer maybe?  But,  I also had the great fortune of being born with super long eyelashes, so from a young age, I learned how to show them off (seriously, I was the 5-year-old who could apply mascara flawlessly).  But, in addition to showing them off, I also learned how to take care of them.  Meaning never, and I mean NEVER sleeping with mascara (or any makeup for that matter) on my face. To trying out tons of mascaras to find the ones that not only highlight my favorite feature to their fullest extent without doing damage to my eyelashes while I am wearing it.



One of the biggest differences between Montana and Minnesota? Traffic.  Oh my goodness gracious, how I despise traffic and to be totally honest with you, I get to work at 9 am every morning and leave at 3:30 pm every afternoon, so the traffic I experience is small potatoes compared to most people, I'm just a wimp.  But,traffic didn't exist in Bozeman! ...It'll just take some getting used to again.

But, in order to make that drive remotely tolerable, I need to have a fabulous playlist because you can bet that I am starring in my own personal concert in order to pass the time.  I have a super diverse taste in music, so my playlists usually have of a little bit of everything.  I am also the person who has a playlist (usually multiple) for literally everything, and because this is a lifestyle blog I wanted to share my current morning commute playlist with you!  



Every year during Koch Family Cabin Week my Aunt Sandy makes these Swedish pancakes (extremely similar to crepes) one morning for breakfast.  They are consistently my favorite breakfast during that week, and little did I know, they are super simple to make!



This last week I celebrated both my Mom's and Mother-in-law's birthdays and moving forward I wanted to continue the celebration with you!  I don't know how much I've spoken on this before, but something you may not know about me is that I love, love, love a good greeting card. That sounds strange to say, but what I mean is that I think the right card for any/all occasions can make an enormous impact!  I keep all of the cards that I receive, and spend a great deal of time choosing exactly the right card for every occasion, and I do mean every occasion.  Seriously, I send greeting cards for literally everything.  I also am the girl that sees a card she likes in the store and buys it without having an occasion for it, that way I'm always prepared with an adorable card when the right event presents itself!  Like I said, a great card can have a huge impact, which is why I wanted to share these three adorable free printable birthday cards with you!  



This last weekend was a big one for me, Saturday was my mom's birthday, and Monday was my Mother in law's birthday! So, if finding a birthday gift worthy of one amazing woman, imagine both the mom's in your life having birthday's that fall one day apart! And if you're anything like me, gift-giving is basically a sport.  I love nothing more than finding or making the perfect gift for the people I love and let's face it, our mom's deserve all of that and so much more.  I can (and often do) spend hours searching for the perfect thing; with exactly the perfect mix of sentiment and practicality until choosing the perfect gift for that occasion!



As much as I don't want summer to end, I will admit that as far as clothing and style goes... Fall is definitely my favorite season.  Boots, sweaters, jackets, vests, and all kinds of layerings! Gahh I love the layering!! 

So, in honor of the impending Fall weather, I threw together a quick picture post highlighting a bunch of the looks, colors, and trends that will be inspiring my personal style this Fall season!



I spend a lot of time looking for awesome fonts for various blogging, Etsy, design projects, etc. And sometimes it can be tough to find the perfect font for your needs.  With that in mind, I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite fonts and resources and hopefully make your search a bit easier!



Good morning loves!  Well, i'm getting back into the swing of things here after letting Wonderland slide to the wayside the past few months (sad, I know... it was never my intention, I just let myself get too preoccupied and overwhelmed with other things).  What, with, the move, the wedding, changing and starting a new job.  It's been a little crazy and I've been a little overwhelmed.  

Well actually, a lot overwhelmed, but that's not the point.  The point is, that I'm back and committed to Andree in Wonderland.  Part of that (really, the most important part) is provided you all with great content and reestablishing the series and regular posts that you've come to expect from me!  Having said that, it's been wayyyyyyy too long since I posted an Instagram roundup.  So, here you are my friends!  Shop away, and enjoy! 



As this summer winds down (just kidding, IT WILL NEVER END!), I wanted to do a post on my most used beauty products this summer. Some are new finds; some are tried and true standbys, all of them are super affordable... mostly because I'm super broke and can't afford the high-end stuff. BUT!  That being said, I just have to sift through the inexpensive stuff to find the hidden gems. 

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