Okay, so I know that I have already raved about my favorite black one piece from Swim Outlet, but this post actually has a picture of me wearing the suit... game changer (we're conquering some self-confidence related fears here guys).

We are currently right smack dab in the middle of my absolute favorite event of every summer. Koch Family Cabin (hell yeah, it has a name), which is when all of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from my Mom's side come up and spend 10 days at my families lake cabin in Danbury, WI.  Spoiler alert, it's a freakin' bomb time.

There is really nothing like family time, and we all have SO MUCH FUN.  They're amazing people, and I'm a lucky lucky girl.  Additionally, this means you can probably expect to see a good amount of swimsuit ootd posts coming up!  And we'll kick it off with this one, my absolute favorite, favorite, favorite black one piece from Swim Outlet!

Did I mention that I'm conquering some serious self-confidence related fears here?  I struggle to post pictures of myself at all, but when you add the fact that I'm wearing a swimsuit in these photos.... AHH!  But, I'm about conquering fears and stepping out of the comfort zone no matter how superficial it/they may be.

Anyways, I received this swimsuit as a gift from my Mama for Easter this year, I had mentioned to her previously that I was thinking that I maybe wanted try out one of these super cute one-piece/monokinis that are trending now, and she hit it right on the money.  I am now a monokini convert  (I now own five... obsessed).

Also, if you haven't checked out Swim Outlet yet, I suggest you do so right now.  It'll change your swimwear shopping game forever.  You'll also notice, that unlike so many of the other bloggers in the blog-o-sphere, I am not a glamorous beach-goer, mad props to those ladies, because I don't have that kind of patience, plus we are a need-for-speed kind of a people, so I am guaranteed to be water-skiing, wakeboarding, air chairing, etc. and have no hope of maintaining any sort of hair or makeup... so please excuse my disheveled hair situation.  I also don't really do cover-ups... I'm a grab a shirt from my closet and call it good kind of girl... it works.

Finally, I don't tan.  Like at all.  My only color is red.  Plus, I have the whole extra sun sensitivity, allergic to the sun thing going for me, so I am so heavily covered in 8000+ SPF to avoid a reaction that the sun has no hope whatsoever of penetrating my skin.  So, self-tanner is my very best friend and I have tried hundreds of different brands to find what works best and my current favorite is St. Tropez Classic Bronzing lotion (linked below) (Also, a self-tanner comparison blog post might need to happen this summer! Hmmmmmm, that's an idea!)

Where? Swim Outlet | Color? Black | Price? On sale - $67.00

Where? Express | Color? Light 18 | Price? $59.90

*My exact sunnies are sadly out of stock, but these are very similar*

Where? Express | Color? Tortoise | Price? $29.90

Where? Ulta | Color? Classic | Price? $42.00

Until next time, my loves!

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