Hello, friends, as most of you who follow Andree in Wonderland know, it's been a crazy month for me.  Moving to Minnesota being the very least of it.  Most of the craziness came from the preparation for the middle of my two younger sister's (Lexi) wedding.  Which was exactly a week ago now.

Most of what I write here on Andree in Wonderland is a lot of fun and fluff.  Fashion, personal style, makeup, home decor, skin care, recipes, etc.  And believe me, I adore writing about that kind of thing, but this post is going to be a bit more personal, more reflective of the last few weeks, specifically the week leading up to the wedding.  Reflect is a word I have heard Lexi use on many different occasions, she often times speaks of taking the time to reflect on significant happenings in her life, and I realized that I never take the time to do that, not really anyways.  I might think about pieces here and there, but I never actually sit down and set aside specific time to reflect.  But, I am going to do that with you today.

Like I said, the middle of my two younger sister's (Lexi) got married a week ago today.  She married her high school sweetheart (Logan) after dating for four years.  As the older sister, I've often been asked what I think of the guy my sister has chosen to spend her life with, my answer is this:  If someone came to me and said "create a man good enough to marry your sister.  You can choose his habits, his talents, his beliefs, his traits, his strengths, his weaknesses, you have full control, go create him."  If someone had come to me and given me that opportunity, the man that I would've created wouldn't hold a candle to Logan.  He is everything that I could have ever hoped for and everything I have ever prayed she would find.  

Lexi certainly isn't the only one who hit the marital jackpot in this situation.  Logan did as well. And yes, I may be somewhat biased because she is my younger sister, but I mean it wholeheartedly when I say that Logan hit the jackpot with Lexi.  Two years ago in November when Gavin and I were at our own wedding rehearsal dinner, we gave toasts about each member of our bridal party.  I said something about Lexi then, that I will share with you now because I think it is probably the best way for me to accurately describe the amazing woman that my younger sister has become.  

"As an older sister, you hope that you set some sort of an example that your younger sister(s) will look up too.  You want them to see you as a role model, as an influence, as someone, they come to with questions that they can't ask anyone else, someone they look to for advice.  In that endeavor, I am not sure that I was or still am entirely successful.  What no one really expects, though, is an older sibling looking to their younger sibling in this way, but that is what Lexi is to me.  I look up to Lexi in more ways than I can count.  Her humility, her kindness, her infinite faith, her humor, her joy, her intelligence, her carefree spirit, her confidence, are all pieces of Lexi that I admire.  If I can become half the sister, half the friend, half the person that she is, I will have been successful in my life in every way that matters.  She is my friend, my confidant, my spiritual counsel, and someone that I can always, without question, depend on."

Mark my words, these two are going to change the world, if only by being in it.  The world is a better place for just having people like Lexi and Logan in it.

But of course, the wedding wasn't the only thing that happened that week.  The Thursday before the wedding I was lucky enough to host Lexi's bachelorette party!  As far a bachelorette parties go, it was fairly mellow, but such is my sister.  We held it up at our family's lake cabin, which happens to be Lexi's favorite place in the entire world and where Logan proposed.  Having lived in Montana for the last four years I missed out on the opportunity to meet most of Lexi's friends from her college years, so it was really special for me to get to know all of the girls that I had heard so much about.  

I have always been envious of the group of friends that Lexi surrounds herself with.  Even in high school, she had an enormous group of friends that were all remarkably close.  Don't get me wrong, I have friends, but I maybe have two or three that I am as close to as Lexi is with... I don't, maybe twenty?  But, we're different people and different personalities, so I'll move on from that.  As I was saying, Lexi has always had a very large very close group of friends, but nothing and I truly mean nothing I have ever seen compares to the closeness and the connection that I witnessed between this group of girls.  These girls, these kind, goofy, playful, helpful, gracious, faithful, genuine, dependable, sincere, ridiculously fun, group of girls.  I mean it when I say that you're a better person just for being in their presence. 

I could go on for hours, but I'll wrap it up for now.  I just want to finish by expressing the profound admiration and extreme gratitude that I feel for being included in all of these events, for being a part of the lives of these incredible people, even if it is only for a short period of time, but more importantly and more profoundly, I so thankful that they have been apart of my life.

The one major thing that I remember thinking after my own wedding was how everyone says that a wedding is a day filled with love.  The obvious conclusion is that the love referred to is between the two people getting married, but that's just not true.  I mean, yes, obviously there is a great deal of love between the two getting married, but it's not only there. You feel it from everyone who comes to celebrate the day with you, by everyone who surrounds you, who rejoices for you, prays for a happy life for you, wishes you well, dances, drinks, and eats with you on that day.  That love coming from everyone in that moment is palpable, it's powerful, it's fantastic and utterly, wonderfully overwhelming.  You could feel that love for Lexi and Logan emanating from absolutely everyone in the room, and it was an honor to be a part of.

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  1. I am glad you took time to reflect. You wrote a beautiful tribute to your sister and her new husband.
    I was especially moved by your description of all the love that is shared on a wedding day, and very grateful to have shared in that love. Peace and Love, Mary


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