So, guess what?!  I interviewed to be a Stitch Fix Stylist yesterday!  Dressing for an interview also takes a bit of thought, dressing for an interview to be a stylist is a whole different ballgame!  Walking that line between remaining professional and making sure that the outfit is stylish and trendy enough to please and impress the interviewers was stressful!  Then again... I do tend to overthink most things.  Needless, to say my bedroom looks like a tornado came through it!

Let me first preface this post by telling you upfront that most of the pieces you see me wearing in this post are not super recent purchases.  So, I apologize if I cannot link the exact piece you see in the photos, but I will do my best to get as close as I can!

A shirtdress seemed like an appropriately professional choice for an interview, but the nature of the position allowed me some freedom to wear this fun, bright color!  It's not totally obvious in the photo, but this dress is a very bright sherbert-y peach, it teeters the line into a neon, but doesn't quite cross it.

You've listened to me wax poetic about the Express Portofino Shirt, well this is the Express Portofino Shirtdress.  HALLLLLLLELLLLLLUJAHHHHH!  Did you guys hear those angels singing? Yeah, that's because if the Portofino shirts are amazing (which, P.S., they seriously are), the Portofino dresses are fan-freaking-tastic.  An answer to a prayer.  Proof that God exists and he's on my side (slight exageration, but you understand what I mean).

Unfortunately, Express does Portofino dresses seasonally, so currently they are out of stock.  But, worry not my friends, (by the way, I totally picture myself on a white horse, pointing a sword into the air, wearing armor while I say that... but that's another story) typically they start stocking these again in early-mid Fall.

This Calvin Klein dress is very similar, and BONUS! it is currently on sale for $49.99!

Where? Macys | Color? Bright Orange | Price? On sale - $49.99

I also rocked some bangin' accessories.  I definitely wanted to wear a statement necklace, which I achieved with this awesome dragonfly piece.  Once I chose the necklace, the rest of the jewelry fell into place fairly simply.  A favored rhinestone and yellow gold bracelet of mine, simple gold oversized stud earrings (not pictured), 4 stackable basic yellow gold rings (not pictured), An awesome yellow cocktail ring (which, P.S., the center of this ring is actually a pearl and crystal ladybug... I LOVE details like that! So fun!), and finally, a white and gold watch to break up all of the yellow gold.  The outfit was completed with these stinkin' adorable, nude, mary jane pumps.  When in doubt, wear a nude pump.  Preach.  Oh! And my nail color is Sally Hansen Gel Polish in Birthday Suit.

Where? Kohls | Color? Gold | Price? On Sale - $61.25

Where? Macys | Color? Gold | Price? On Sale - $21.95

Where? Macys | Color? Yellow Gold | Price? On Sale - $38.25

Where? Target | Color? Gold | Price? On Sale - $3.98

Where? Nordstom | Color? Yellow | Price? On Sale - $65.66

Where? Target | Color? Cream | Price? $39.99

Where? Shoe Carnival | Color? Nude Pump | Price? $34.98

Where? Ulta | Color? Birthday Suit | Price? $15.99

And, that's all for now kiddies! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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