Summer time!  Summer to me means cabin time, endless days spent on the lake, water sports, state fair, sunshine, and of course, summer weddings!  Gavin and I were invited to eight, count 'em, eight, weddings this summer. Naturally, I use each wedding as an excuse to purchase a new outfit... can I get an amen ladies? Anyways, I just recently bought three new pairs of dressy heeled sandals, and I'm still itching for more, like I want my closet to look like a Carrie Bradshaw's, kind of more. But, alas, I do not have that kind of money (yet!... hopefully?) so instead of buying everything, I will share them here for you all to lust over with me.

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Light Pink Catarina Heels: First of all, PINK! Plus, I'm a big fan of lots a strappys and the tassels just add an extra level of adorable.  I think these are a brilliant combination of demure, classy, and feminine, but also, down right sexy.

Midnight Black Tilley Heel: I've been loving on these babies for awhile now.  I mean seriously, these things are bad ass.  Typically I am not attracted to heels that cover majority of the foot in this sort of mule-esc way, but these guys, man, these guys do it so. damn. well.  
Women's Demiiii Fringe Dress Sandal: FRINGE!! Let me be clear, I am a huge, repeat, A HUGE fan of fringe.  Give me all the fringe!  I actually just bought myself a pair of heels that look super similar to these but in black. And with that purchase my life became complete... and then I saw another pair of heels and I was ready to love again, not that I stopped loving the first pair, but I have a lot of love to give, and it just seems unfair to put boundaries on it, ya know?

Bamboo Embark-15S Sandal: Okay these, I could wax poetic about these for dayyyyyssss.  The shape and pattern of the cutouts are brilliant, the stacked heel is perfection, and they belong in my closet, and that is just that.

Mix No. 6 Bessie Sandal: Typically I would find these a little too "chunky," but I saw a girl wearing shoes very similar the other day, and let me tell you, she was wearing the crap out of them.  Girlfriend, look gooooood.  So now, of course, I feel I need a pair.

Jessica Simpson Delina Wedge Sandal: I love a good wedge, but again, I also feel like wedges can be too "chunky," I definitely don't get that from these.  I love the cutouts and straps, and the fact that they still look delicate even though they are a wedge heel.

Steve Madden - Davison: I love the buckle on these, I think an oversized buckle, when done right, is such a fabulous visual detail. I also like that the thickness of the straps is balanced by leaving the heel open.

Steve Madden - Silina: These are my favorite pair of shoes on this list.  I love everything about them.  The multiple straps, the design of the straps, the stacked heel, the zippered back, the cognac color, they're my perfection.

Bamboo Stash-20V Sandal: This is another pair that I wouldn't typically be drawn to, but there is just something about them.  I'm not even sure how I would wear them, but somewhere out there is someone who is going to rock the shit out of these babies, and when you do, please send me a picture!

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