Hey loves!  I'm starting a new post series called "Instagram Roundup."  I often post pictures to my Instagram feed that don't end up in blog posts, so once every couple weeks, I will round up all of the Instagram posts that didn't end up on the blog and post information and shopping links about them!

Where?  The Swim Outlet | Price?  On Sale - $16.26

Where?  Victorias Secret | Price?  On Sale - $15.00

*The Beach bag was a gift from the resort we stayed at on our honeymoon, the link below is for a similar bag*

Where?  Target | Price?  On Sale - $22.99

Where?  Express | Price?  $29.90

*The color of my wallet is no longer available, but they still sell the same style in mint green.  Which is pretty gorgeous, if I must say so myself*

Where?  Target | Price?  $14.99

Where?  Ulta | Price?  $9.99 | Color?  Birthday Suit

Where?  Target | Price?  $4.99 | Color?  Matte Confident

*I got this phone case on super clearance, and it is no longer being made *

Where?  Claires | Price?  $24.50

(My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE t-shirts on the planet, they are AMAZING!)
Where?  Target | Price?  $9.00

*This fabulous gold blouse was also an unbelievable clearance find at $6.98!! But, that does mean that it unfortunately not being made anymore *

Where?  T.J. Maxx | Price?  $16.99

*It breaks my heart to say this, but these gorgeous shoes are no longer available*

Where?  Rue21 | Price?  Super Sale - $10.49

Where?  Maurices | Price?  $40.00

Where?  Target | Price?  $32.99

Where?  Target | Price?  $5.59 | Color?  Rose Rush

And that wraps up my first Instagram roundup!  If I have missed any posts that you would like information about, please let me know in the comments! And, of course, make sure to follow Andree in Wonderland on Instagram!

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