Hello, again my loves! It's time again for another Instagram roundup!  I believe I explained in my first post of this series, but just in case I didn't, I wanted to clarify that this post series is not set to any sort of schedule.  Meaning, it won't happen on a specific timetable or specific day of the week.  Basically, I will be monitoring my Instagram feed and when I feel there have been a considerable number of posts worthy of being "rounded up," so to speak, then I will post a new addition to the series!  

Now that we're all on the same page, enjoy shopping my recent Instagram posts! There are some pretty fabulous pieces this time around if I must say so myself!

Women's Missi Huarache Sandals
Where? Target | Color? Tan | Price? $32.99

* My favorite Swarovski crystal, Fossil watch is from years and years ago, so, unfortunately, I wasn't even able to find anything even remotely similar *

Where? Macys | Color? Gold | Price? Sale - $36.37

Where? Andree in Wonderland Etsy Shop | Price? Sale - $20.00

* Moving From Left to Right *

Where? The Limited | Price? 50% Off!! - $39.97

Where? Target | Color? Black | Price? $19.99

Where? Macys | Price? $78.00

* Guys, I swear I searched through every single nook and cranny of the Macys website to find the white dress Alyssa is wearing, and I couldn't find it anywhere but, the link below is for a dress that is very similar! *

Where? Macys | Color? White | Price? $89.00

Midi Tube Ring Set (RingHand, Ring Finger)
Where? Forever 21 | Color? Gold | Price? $5.90

Amarilo Oriana Ring (Right Hand, Pointer Finger)
Where? Forever 21 | Color? Gold | Price? On Sale - $35.00

Mixed Jewelry Set (Left Hand, Pointer Finger)
Where? Forever 21 | Color? Silver | Price? On Sale - $4.83

* The polka dot cardigan pictured is nearly three years old, link is for a similar style *

Where? Macys | Color? Black | Price? $39.98

* This chambray dress has been clearanced out, link is for a very similar dress *

Where? Nordstrom | Price? $108.00

Where? Andree in Wonderland Etsy Shop | Price? $20.00

Where? Andree in Wonderland Etsy Shop | Price? $20.00

Where? Andree in Wonderland Etsy Shop | Price? $5.00

Where? Andree in Wonderland Etsy Shop | Price? $20.00

Where? American Eagle | Color? Navy | Price? On Sale - $33.71

Where? Macys | Color? White | Price? On Sale - $29.99

Where? DSW | Color? Beige | Price? On Sale - $94.95

Well, that's all for now kiddies! Please let me know if I missed any posts!  
And as always don't forget to follow Andree in Wonderland on Instagram!

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