Hello, loves!  Some of you know, but I am the Special Events Assistant for the Bozeman Health Foundation, and this past weekend was our Annual Hospitality event!  The biggest event fundraiser that we hold all year! And this year, we outdid ourselves!  For the first time ever, we were completely sold out of seats, our raffle tickets sold out in record time, our live drive raised $190,000 alone, and though I don't have the exact number just yet, I know that we raised close to $400,000 to go towards the Bozeman Health Special Care Nursery!  So, an incredible and MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated auction items, their time and money, and services to this amazing event!  We live in an amazing community filled with fantastically generous people, so thank you to all of you!

In addition to raising money for the special care nursery, this event gives everyone an opportunity to play dress up for a night (which, of course, I am always in favor of!).  This year's theme was Garden Party! And, oh man, people went all out!  It was amazing! It also provided me with the perfect opportunity for a super fun, "What I wore," post!  

Blue Tulle & Lace Dress: I love, love, LOVE this dress, but it tows the line between cocktail and costume, so it's one of those dresses that you really need the right occasion to wear it.  Fortunately, the garden party theme gave me the PERFECT opportunity!  I bought this dress for my bridal shower (which was appropriately themed: Andree in Wonderland) about a year ago, so unfortunately it's not being made anymore, but you can find a similar dress here.

White Cardigan: I'm literally always cold, so I can't go anywhere without a sweater.  This one is just a basic white 3/4 length sleeve cardigan from Target, find it here.  It's one of those staple pieces that everyone should have in their closet.  I wear mine all the time, it's the perfect, simple completer piece.

Mary Jane Nude Pumps: Let me first just say, that I LOVE mary jane heels!  I am so excited that they're coming back! These were purchased with the intent to wear them in my sister's wedding this summer, but they're such a practical (and, lets face it, freakin' adorable) heel that I will be wearing them all over the place, and they looked ridiculously cute with this dress. They're about as comfortable as you can hope for any 4 inch heel to be, but I spent just shy of 6 hours on my feet in these babies, and did just fine.  And as an added bonus, they're quite inexpensive.  Find them here.

Lace Bow Hair Clip: If you follow me on Instagram (dooo it!), then you probably already saw garden party accessories post, in which I express my adoradtion for bows.  But, for those of you who missed it, i'll say it again:  I LOVE BOWS!  LOVE THEM!  Any chance I get to wear a bow, you better believe that I am going to take it.  Garden Party?  Yeah, that's the perfect place to wear an  oversized lace bow hair clip.  I just bought a simple and cheap one from Claires for this event. For whatever reason, the link to the white bow that I have isn't working, but you can find colored ones here.

Pearl Jewelry: Pearls felt appropriately demure and ladylike for this type of event.  My necklace was a gift from my Godmother for my 16th birthday, but this one is very similar.  The double strand pearl bracelet was a gift from my mom to wear t0 my wedding.  I have no idea where she bought it, but you can find a very similar one here.  The oversized costume jewelry pearl bracelet is a part of this set, I just didn't wear all of them.  The earrings (which, by the way, BOWS!) were something that we sold at Eskay Bridal, while I was still working there.  We were clearancing out all the jewelry, so they let me take these home for free!  They are part of a bridal line that can only be found in specific bridal salons, but you can shop a similar set here.

Nail Polish: I layered two nail polish colors together for this event.  I started with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Birthday Suit and then topped it with two coats of Ciate London nail polish in Amazing Gracie - Ballet Slipper Pink.  The Ciate Ballet Slipper Pink is very sheer, so layering the Birthday Suit Miracle Gel polish first really provides an awesome base without competing with the pink color.  I finished by topping my nails with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat.

Lipstick: I'm a big fan of brightly colored lipsticks and the garden party was the perfect event to rock a super bright pink lip!  Again, I'm basically broke, so I can't afford the fancy-schmancy spendy lipsticks.  So for now, I stick with Wet 'n' Wild for my lip color.  This specific lip color is Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - Fuchsia with Blue Pearl.

Perfume: I pretty much stick to a light body spray for my everyday fragrence, but I have a few different perfumes that I will wear for special events.  For this particular event I sported Bath & Body Work's French Lavender & Honey Perfume... The scents found in this perfume are fairly self-explanatory based on the name, but it is delightful!

I know I promised that the next time I did a "What I Wore," post I would post pictures of me actually wearing the outfit, rather than a flat lay photo.  But, I was so busy working that night, that even though I had all the best intentions, I totally forgot to have someone take photos of me wearing the outfit... next time, I suppose!

If you are interested in learning more about this event, the Bozeman Health Foundation, or it is in your heart to donate, please visit the Bozeman Health Foundation website or the Bozeman Health Foundation Facebook page.

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