As promised via Instagram, this week's spotlight is on: swimwear!

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South Beach Embellished Waistband Plunge Swimsuit: So I bought my very first one piece (well,  at least since I was in elementary school...) this past weekend (see it on Instagram, here!) and since then I've had a bit of a one-piece obsession.  As is clearly noticable by most of the one pieces on this list, I gravitate towards suits with a plunging neckline.  This one specifically caught my eye because the construction gives off a very Marilyn Monroe feel. I also really dig white swimsuits... of course I can't wear them until August because that's how low it takes for me to work up a mildly decent tan... i'm not bitter or anything...

Kenneth Cole Floral Explosion Twist Plunge One Piece Swimsuit: My Mom recently introduced me to Swim Outlet, before that I also exclusively bought my bathing suits from Victoria's Secret (excuse me while I cry because they will no longer be making swimwear), but this place is awesome!  They boast a massive selection in a wide price range and have every possible style you could dream up.  The twist on this suit is really interesting to me, I love the way that the pattern sort of explodes from it.

Body Glove Swimwear Smoothies Baby Love Fixed Triangle Bikini: I always like to keep at least one (okay, more like five) solid colored, simple bikinis in my collection.  That way you can mix and match with other pieces.  I personally, could not pull off this bright yellow, but if you can I say DO IT!  You'll be like your own bright beacon of human sunshine, and I will be jealous.  It is, however, also availble in a bunch of other colors, and BONUS!  It's currently on sale.

Scarf Print Sheer Halter Wrap Bikini Top: I am not in the kind of wicked shape that I feel is required to pull off a bathing suit like this one, but if you have a rockin' bod (or the confidence that I clearly do not posess) then please buy this and bask in all the envy and attention it brings your way... I will live vicariously through you.  

L'Agent Tayler Swimsuit: Oh my gosh, you'll look like a freakin' Bond girl in this thing! There is something so supremely sexy about the simplicity of a basic black swimsuit, but then you add in this plunging neckline and it's like WHAM! right in their faces with your sexy self.  The back of this suit is also cut very low, adding a touch even extra sexy.  ooh la la.

Jessica Simpson Swimwear Mojave Cut Out One Piece: This is the only one-piece on this list that does not feature a plunging neckline.  However, I love, love, love the pattern and the colors! The side cutouts are also pretty fun, and the back is all strappy and super stinkin' cute.  

Kate Spade Georgica Beach Classic Bow Bandeau Bikini:  You didn't honestly think that I could make entire wishlist without Kate Spade making an appearance did you?! Oh no, my homegirl is always there for me when I need her! Did you notice that the top is A BOW?!?! and it's blush pink pair that with polka dot bottoms and it would be like all of my dreams made into a swimsuit! 

New Look Crochet Racer Bikini: I love that the trend of high necklines has made it's way into the world of swimwear.  I like that most of the neckline is kept sheer to really focus on the crochet detailing.  I was drawn to the dark coralish color of this, but the website just states it as red... could someone buy this and let me know what color it really is?

Robin Piccone Audrey Plunging Halter One Piece: I was, again, drawn to the work done with the fabric on the suit and, of course, the plunging neckline.  I also like that the straps were kept on the thicker side and they kept the back very simple.  The pattern is fun and adds visual interest without being too in your face or competing with the twisted detail in the fabric.

Kate Spade Bolsa Chica Halter Underwire Bikini: And we'll wrap up this weekly wishlist with another Kate Spade bikini (yeah, girllll), and oh look, it has POLKA DOTS!! The only thing that was missing from the first Kate Spade bikini! Gosh, she knows me so well.  Made in one of my favorite color combinations: navy and white, this bandeu style bikini top is made with an underwire for some extra support.  And if you look closely, you'll also see that there is a little bow between the cups.  

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