I know we've talked a lot about my various clothing obsessions (yeah, there's a lot, we haven't even scratched the surface!), but we haven't dug too far into accessories or jewelry yet.  To that end, this week's spotlight is comprised of my ultimate accessory obsession: watches.  

To be totally honest, the way I use watches we could probably label them bracelets since I'm fairly sure none of my watches say the correct time... but whatever!

My love for watches began with a gorgeous watch that my Mom gave me in high school. Black leather band, oversized numbers, and an oversized face completely covered in Swarovski crystals.  swoooooooon.  I still have it, and it's still gorgeous.  From that moment, my obsession and my watch collection grew and continues to grow.

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Bee Metro Watch: Just in case, my previous posts (and the next three watches in this list) haven't made it clear, I have a bit of a love affair with Kate Spade.  I love the way she combines simplicity with just the right amount of detail and fun into everything she makes.  I think this watch is the perfect depiction of that.  Everything about this watch is clean and simple, but the cute little bumblebee adds just a little something to keep it from being boring.

Gramercy Grand Watch: I am a huge fan of the rose gold trend that's happening right now! I adore the simplicity of this watch.  The features, size, and shape are all very classic. Making the gorgeous rose gold color the primary focus, and I love that she made the choice to make this watch entirely monochromatic. 

Vachetta Chalkboard Metro Watch: This watch is a combination of my favorite things!  Blush pink, gold metal, an oversized face, and calligraphy!  I don't even know that I have anything else to say about it, other than maybe, GIMME GIMME!!

Caravelle New York 44L184 Watch: My love for sparkle is really quite apparent in this post.  This is another watch that I am loving the decision to keep it monochromatic and focus on the sparkly face.  Any more detail would have been way too busy.

Geneva Glitter Band Watch: Oh look more glitter!  This watch is basically the opposite of the last one.  Focusing on the detailed band, rather than the face.  The face of this piece is incredibly simple, so the finished piece doesn't look childish or gaudy.

Jaqueline Date Green Watch: A watch wishlist wouldn't be complete with at least one Fossil watch (actually we have two on this list, you just haven't gotten there yet)!  I love the fresh feel that the mint green band gives off here, and I really love that they made the band thin to really put the emphasis on the oversized face.  The details of this watch are all very classic, which, again, puts the focus on the shapes.  This watch is available in 12 other color options.

Floral Print Link Watch: Typically the shape of this watch wouldn't be one that I would be drawn towards.  It is a little on the bulky side for my taste, but what attracted me to it was the pattern on the band rather than on the face.  I've been loving floral designs lately (duh, spring), which was another factor that pushed me to include it on this list.  It also comes in 2 other metals if you prefer the pattern to "pop" a bit more.

Journee Rhinestone Accent Watch: Once again, we find a great combination of some of my favorite details!  Subtle blush/nude coloring and little crystal accents are, without a doubt, the way to my heart.  This watch is also awesome because it looks wayyyyyy more expensive than it is!  A steal at $26.99, I can almost guarantee that I will have this on my wrist by the end of the week (because that's how long shipping takes, ha!).  

Disney's Ariel Analog Watch: I am a HUGE sucker for all things Disney.  Seriously, you guys can't even begin to understand how much I adore Disney everything.  It would take a very long post series to even break the surface on the intensity of my love.  But, really who doesn't love The Little Mermaid!  I like that the only color comes from her seashells and tail, and the rest of the watch remains simple.  

Journee Rhinestone Bezel Watch:  Ahhhhh, white and yellow gold.  I love, love, LOVE this piece. It's so beautifully light and feminine and gives off the perfect mix of elegance and glamor! This is another watch that looks much more expensive that it is, at $39.99.

Disney's Minnie Mouse Watch: YAY!  Another Disney inspired watch!  Minnie Mouse is straight up, my homegirl, so you can almost guarantee that if her face is on it, I will own it at some point. She's even tattooed behind my ear (Mickey will soon accompany her behind the other!).  This watch is probably the quirkiest of all of them on this list but still is far from crossing the line into gaudy.  The band isn't my favorite, but the rhinestones on her bow entirely make up for that for me!

Vintage Muse Blush Leather Watch:  At some point I always seem to run out of things to say about each piece without becoming repetitive.  I think you're all probably familiar enough with my style at this point that you can guess that I am drawn to the blush pink, gold metal, and oversized face.  My favorite detail on this watch, however, is definitely the oversized numbers.

Parker Rose Gold-Tone Blush Acetate Watch: Rose gold, Swarovski crystal, and Michael Kors. This thing is freaking stunning, and that's all I have to say about that.

Disney's Mickey Mouse Bezel Sparkle Watch: Naturally, I have to wrap it up with Disney.  It just seems right that if I have Minnie, I also need Mickey.  Again, white and gold is one of my favorite color combination, and like the Minnie watch, I am not a huge fan of the band, but his little face peeking out makes it totally worth it!

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