Hello, there my lovelies!  Over the past few months, I have been hinting at and making references towards some big changes happening for Gavin and me, and I figured that maybe it's time to fill everyone in.  So, here it is...

We're moving to Colorado!  

Bozeman, while absolutely gorgeous and inhabited by some of the best friends I will ever have, is just a bit too far away from my family.  I have been struggling with the distance for a few years now, and Gavin and I finally felt that the timing was right for us to make this move.  

I'm sure some of you are a bit confused right now, especially since most of my family (and Gavin's for that matter) still reside in Minnesota.  However, my aunt Susie and her family live in Highlands Ranch, CO.  It is true that most of our family is still in Minnesota and I wouldn't have been opposed to moving back that direction, however, Gavin isn't too keen on moving back to the midwest, actually, he isn't too keen on leaving Montana at all.  So, my friends, we utilized that which is the most necessary and powerful tool in any marriage: compromise.

Yes, my dears, we compromised on location and landed on Colorado.  Which is actually pretty cool because as a kid I always wanted to live in Colorado!  Gavin still can escape into the mountains and I still get to be closer to some of my family.  But, that's not all that's happening in our lives right now, oh no no no, that would be far too simple! 

This summer is easily going to be our busiest one on record.  Both of my younger sisters graduate this summer (one from high school, one from college), the latter is getting married in July, her bridal shower is over memorial day weekend, her bachelorette party at the end of June, our annual Koch (mom's side) family cabin week happens shortly after the wedding, and two more friends get married in August.  Oh yeah, and did you forget that we're also moving? 

All these events are happening in Minnesota and would have been impossible for us to attend if we were trying to move from Montana to Colorado at the same time.  So instead, we will be moving all of our stuff into a storage unit here in Bozeman and living with my parents for this summer.  

Living with my parents gives us the added benefit of living rent free for three months and we are able to be present for all the events!  Also, flying from MN to CO is about a zillion times less expensive than flying out of MT, so we will be able to make a few different trips out to look at different houses and find a place.  And then in August, we will make our trek back to Bozeman, take all of our stuff out of the storage unit, throw it in a U-Haul and make our move to CO.  

Are you still with me?  Yeah, it's a lot.

The last bit of the puzzle is the matter of when is all this going to happen?!  The answer is, right freakin' now.  Literally at this very moment, our apartment is a gigantic mess because we are in the middle of packing up our life.  Copper and I will be driving back to MN NEXT WEEK!  Gavin has a military commitment in June, but will follow us once he finished there. So yeah, it's happening right now.  And to be honest, it's overwhelming, it's sad, and packing is literally the worst. 

So there it is friends.  You're now all caught up with the absolute chaos that is currently my life.  You can be sure that I will have a lot of feelings in the days to come, so stay tuned to the moving diaries, they're going to be insane!  Wish us luck! 

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