In today's edition of The Moving Diaries, I am sharing a list of 10 things that I have learned about packing. Really, these are all things that I have learned every single time that I have moved in the past, yet somehow I manage to forget them all until I choose to move again...

ONE. You will find a bunch of stuff that you completely forgot you had and get super excited about it again.

TWO. Things that you have hesitated to throw away in the past suddenly become entirely disposable (especially as you get close to being finished).

THREE. You will marvel at the amount of "stuff" that you have.  Seriously, what even is this stuff and where/when the heck did I even get it?

FOUR. Until you can actually physically start moving stuff out of the place you are leaving, it won't look/feel like you've made any progress.

FIVE. Contrary to what TV shows and movies have made me believe, you cannot neatly pack up your entire home in boxes.

SIX.  Goodwill will become your new best friend, and as your best friend they can have all of your stuff.  Seriously, TAKE IT ALL!

SEVEN. There is literally no such this as an organized move, just let that go, it won't happen.

EIGHT. If you're like me, you'll avoid packing up your closet until the very last minute because you know that's going to be quite a project.

NINE. You will have a ridiculous number of beauty products, medicines, food, etc. that are basically full or close to being full that you don't really see the point in moving with you, but they seem like such a shame to throw away... So, you'll pawn them off on your friends.


Seriously guys, packing for a move is the worst.  I want to pull all of my hair out.

If you have advice, tips, tricks, and/or alcohol that you feel like sharing 
with me to help me keep my sanity (bah ha!  that's looong gone!), 
please leave them in the comments! 

...Unless you have alcohol, bring that stuff right on over

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