Oh my goodness you guys, IT WAS SO NICE OUT TODAY!! Lalalaaaa, It's finally Sprriiiinnnggggg (knock on wood, since the last time I said that I was answered with three feet of snow... yes, three feet of snow).  

But, today was so beautiful that it called for a mini skirt and bare legs! YAY! I have been meaning to start doing OOTD and outfit posts here for a while now, but a few things have been standing in my way.

1. My crippling self-doubt and self-consciousness which makes it very difficult to take selfies or have outfit pictures taken (you'll see here that I found a way around that).  

2. Reading through other fashion blogs can be very intimidating.  So many of them feature expensive, high-end, designer clothing.  The kind of clothing that I would love to have, but simply cannot afford.  This made me nervous to post pictures of my own outfits that are comprised of less prestigious pieces.  I mean, I adore fashion and I love putting outfits together, but it's pretty easy to doubt your Target wardrobe when you're looking at someone dressed in head to toe Chanel.  However, after a good amount of back and forth with my self-doubt I came to the conclusion that more than likely most people are like me.  Who cannot afford head to toe designer wardrobes, but still appreciate a cute outfit at a bargain price.

I really liked my outfit today, so I decided today was the day to go for it!  Plus, Gavin said I looked cute as a button, so that has to count for something right?!  (P.S. I did a flat lay because I can only conquer one doubt at a time.)

Black & White Geometric Patterned Skirt:  Purchased last year off of the clearance rack at Rue 21.  Which is not typically a place I would shop, but the words "Up to 80% off," will always get my attention.   This was purchased last year, so it is no longer available, but you can find similar items here and here.

Mustard Yellow Boyrfriend Cardigan:  One of my all time favorite sweaters!  Purchased at Target, along with 2 gray, 2 black, 1 tan, 1 emerald, 1 navy, and 1 army green.  Yeah, I freaking LOVE this cardigan, and typically I am not a "yellow" person, but this mustard-y shade has been one of my absolute favorites this year!  Sadly, Target no longer carries these cardigans (excuse me while I cry myself to sleep tonight), but you can find similar styles here and here.

Chambray Button Down Shirt: Remember how I've talked about my love for chambray/denim button downs?  This is just one of my collection.  This one I purchased to fit closer to my body for the purpose of tucking it into skirts and whatnot (as opposed to my oversized styles that are for the purpose of wearing with leggings).  I actually cannot remember where I purchased this specifically, but I was able to find similar pieces here and here.

Black Leather & Swarovski Crystal Fossil Watch:  I LOVE watches, they are one of my favorite accessories.  Someday I will have an epic collection of glamorous watches, and I will have this one to thank for kick-starting the whole thing!  I received this watch many years ago as a birthday gift, so unfortunately, it's long gone off the shelves.  I was able to find this one, which shares some similarities.

Medium Sized Gold Hoop Earrings: I believe that I received as a hand-me-down from my Mom when she wasn't using them anymore... regardless, they are one of my most worn pairs of earrings.  They are light, simple, and are a great piece to dress up any outfit.  Similar pair here.

Basic Black Mossimo Flats:  I searched high and low for a pair of simple, matte, black flats with no embellishments, and let me tell ya, they were so tough to find!  That's why I was so excited when Target came out with these simple flats.  I purchased mine roughly 6 months ago, and Target has since come out with additional colors and patterns in the same style. Find them here.

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