As I am sure you have already figured out, my spotlight this week is Sundresses!  As the weather continues to get warmer, I get to break out my sundress collection again, YAY! For those of you who don't know, I have a bit of a dress obsession.  Seriously, dresses are my weakness.  At last count, my closet is home to 84 dresses... 40 of which I categorize as sundresses (I capsuled and categorized my wardrobe using Stylebook, which I freaking LOVE. If you haven't yet, you should go check it out right now.) Anyways, in honor of my obsession, here is a list of 6 gorgeous summer dresses that I am currently coveting.

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Eliza J Belted A-Line Dress: I love love LOVE dresses with this kind of structure!  I (of course) was immediately drawn to the polka dot pattern, but then add a bright, summery color, a defined waistline (one of my favored dress features), a structured skirt, and a pop of metallic.  Yeah, girl, I'm sold.

Adelyn Rae Sleeveless Lace Fit & Flare Dress: This is one of the dresses that I considered purchasing to wear as my bridesmaids dress in my younger sister's wedding this summer; unfortunately it doesn't come in the right color for that. But, I am still madly, madly, madly in love with it.  I'm really loving the coral color option, but the white would be perfect for a bride-to-be to wear to her bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Sweet Symphony Blue Floral Print Strapless Maxi Dress: Okay I will admit, that at first glance, this dress has a bit of a bridesmaids-y feel to it. I tell you what, though, I don't even care.  Just looking at it makes me feel like summertime!  And that sassy slit, ooooh ooooh mama! It's the perfect mix of sweet and feminine, but also sassy and sexy.

Heartloom Celine Dress: Do the sleeves on this dress discredit it as a sundress? What defines a sundress anyway?  Either way, it's on my list.  I was instantly drawn to the color (we all know that I'm a huge sucker for the color pink), but I really love how light and ethereal this dress looks, it's almost easy.  There is a bit of a Grecian feel to it as well, which in my mind, basically means that anyone who wears it will be instantly turned into a goddess.  

Adrianna Papell Burnout Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress: Oh what? Navy with white polka dots?! Who ever would have guessed that I would go for that kind of thing? (Um, almost every other wishlist and favorites list I have posted maybe?) Anyways, I have been eyeing this dress for a while now, it's not one that I would wear to a wedding or for a date night, it feels a little too formal and sophisticated for that type of thing.  But I think it would make a great little work number.  It would look super cute with a little cardigan and a nude pump,  you could also throw in a great pop of color by adding a belt in yellow or red... or pink!

ASOS Skater Mini Dress With Ballet Wrap In Stripe: I can just see this dress becoming my go-to, run around town, do my errands, jack of all trades dress.  First of all, I love the colors (you know, I think I am discovering that I have an affinity for the nautical look... hmm, who knew?), I adore the ballet wrap style bodice, and the defined natural waistline is key for me.  This is one of those great dresses that can go from casual to dressed up with just a few quick little changes.  Throw on a denim jacket (we haven't discussed this yet, but no one and I mean NO ONE, loves a good denim jacket more than I do) and a cute flat or sandal and you're ready to run errands. But, swap out the sandals for a wedge heel, throw on a great necklace, maybe a chunky bracelet, and you're set for a night out!

So, after all of that, I had to look up the definition of a sundress.  So here is it: Google defines a sundress as a light, loose, sleeveless dress, typically having a wide neckline and thin shoulder straps.  ...By that definition, a good number of these dresses do not qualify as sundress... but, a further search found that Urban Dictionary defines a sundress as a really really comfortable dress that you can wear almost anywhere.  I'm going with that one because I like it better.  Haha!

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