Okay, so I need to confess something.  This year, was the first time in the history of ever, that I cleaned my makeup brushes.  Yeah, gross right?!  I just never thought it was a big deal!  But, one day I was really bored and just happened to see an article about cleaning your makeup brushes and decided to give it a go!  It took me 15 minutes of rinsing my bronzer brush before I could squeeze clean water from it.  GROSS!  I then decided to try and remember when I had bought each one of my brushes. After realizing that more than 80% of them were purchased while I was in high school, I promptly threw them all away, bought new ones, and also picked up some daily brush cleaner.


I now spritz my brushes with a daily brush cleaner after each use and once a month I do a deep clean of all my brushes and my beauty blender.  Turns out, it's super easy and super inexpensive.

Here's what you need:
  • Johnson's Baby Shampoo
  • Warm water
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Your hands
  • Clean washcloths

Step One: Fill your sink or a bowl of some sort 3/4 full with warm water.  Mix in a small amount (seriously, like maybe a teaspoon) of Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

Step Two: Gently swirl your brushes in the water.  Make sure you do this gently; the fibers in the brush are very delicate and if you are too aggressive you will rip them out, or pull them out of place. 

Step Three:  Squeeze (don't pull!) the head of the brush in a washcloth to remove excess water.  If you are noticing that the water you squeeze out is heavily discolored, you may want to repeat steps two and three until the water runs clean.  (You may want to replace the water every few brushes, depending on how much product they have collected since the last cleaning)

Step Four:  With all the excess water squeezed from the brush, lay your brush on a hand towel or washcloth to dry.  Ideally, you should lay your brushes, so they are at a slight downward angle. You can see that I accomplish this simply by rolling one end of the towel.  NEVER let your brushes dry standing up.  If you can't dry them at an angle, lay them flat.

Step Five: Enjoy your clean brushes!  Repeat this process once every month, or as often as you see fit.  

In between deep cleans, I spritz my brushes with a daily cleaner after each use.  I use e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner.  It easily removes enough product that I don't have to worry about overlapping colors (i.e., eye shadow or lip brushes), it's an anti-bacterial spray, so it disinfects as it cleans, and it costs a whopping $3.00.  Win, win, win. To use, simply spritz your brush after use and gently wipe off excess residue with a paper towel or clean washcloth.

Bonus tip: To clean your beauty blender submerge it in water and gently squeeze to release built up product.  Do this until the water squeezed from beauty blender runs clean.  Squeeze excess water from the blender, and lay out to dry.

What I used...

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